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for short-term workers

As you’re likely already aware, EU, EEA and Swiss citizens can move freely without a visa in the EU, so you’re free to reside and work here. And the good news is If you’re staying less than 3 months, the process is even simpler:

  1. 1

    find a job
    Have a look at the latest offers:

    Job offers
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    sign an employment contract
    Agree on working conditions with your new employer and sign a contract. You can learn more about employment contracts:

    Employment Contracts
  3. 3

    get your estonian ID-code
    Your new employer is responsible for registering you in the Employment Registry here in Estonia. Once you’re registered, you’ll receive your ID-code, which will allow you to access health care and other services here in Estonia.

  4. how to get your estonian ID-code

    • Visit a local government office in Tallinn or Tartu. You can also visit the International House but an appointment is required.
    • Prepare the application form and be sure to bring your passport with you.
    • The appointment will take approximately 30 minutes and you’ll receive your code immediately.
    Tallinn City District Offices Tartu City Government International House of Estonia Application for ID code

    You must be in the Population Register to receive an Estonian ID card which allows you to access public services, including health care.

    Tallinn City Vital Statistics Department Learn more


If you’re only staying a few months, opening a bank account might not make sense. Neobanking options like Wise, Monese, or Revolut can be great alternatives to traditional bank accounts.

tax residency

Since you’re residing in Estonia for less than 183 days, your tax residency doesn’t need to change. If you’re coming to Estonia for short-term employment, taxes from your salary will still be paid in Estonia. You’ll want to take these into account when filing tax declarations in your home country, so ask your employer to provide you with a TSM MR form.

Get form


Once your employer has registered you with the Employment Registry and you’ve received your Estonian ID-code, you’ll have health care coverage starting on your 15th day of employment. In case of a serious injury or illness, visit the nearest Emergency Medical Center or dial 112.

getting around

Get a public transportation card.

Learn more here

relocation guide

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