telecom and postal services

  • in estonia access to internet has been declared a human right, so it´s everywhere
  • all providers offer high-quality solutions at reasonable prices
  • the easiest way to send and receive packages is to use parcel lockers, they´re literally everywhere

Signing a monthly contract with a service provider is easy. The most convenient way is to step into a Telia, Elisa, or Tele2 store and take it from there.

Before you get set up with a contract, you can buy prepaid SIM cards at any Telia, Elisa or Tele2 store or from supermarkets, R-kiosks, gas stations, and post offices. Their prices are equally low and most of them include free minutes, texts, and some data.

Tele 2 (not in english unfortunately)

TV and internet providers

TV and internet providers Telia, Elisa, and STV all offer fairly similar services and can set you up with a package based on your needs. It’s always a good idea to ask a few friendly locals which provider they use.

Check out the providers’ websites and see what plans are available at your address.


postal, parcel, and courier services

The easiest way to send and receive packages is to use parcel lockers. These are the main service providers, at least one of which will probably have parcel lockers at your nearest supermarket. These are also the most commonly used courier service providers:

Omniva Itella DPD

For regular old snail mail, Omniva’s post offices are open on weekdays and some on Saturdays, with varying opening hours. Go to the Omniva website to find your nearest post office, check opening hours and postal codes, and track packages.

Omniva postal services