moving with pets

  • yes, your pets can relocate to estonia too
  • aways make sure you know your airline's policy
  • conditions for pets differ depending on whether you're moving from within or outside of the EU

moving with pets to estonia

Before embarking on a trip with a pet, check the requirements of all the countries to be visited, because each country sets its own requirements for animals entering the country. The main requirement with dogs is the presence of a microchip; many countries also require several months of quarantine or the performance of blood tests before allowing an animal into the country. 

The owner or a person authorised by the owner must accompany the animal during the trip. The main requirements for dogs, cats, and ferrets is the presence of a microchip and a rabies vaccination. When travelling in the European Union, the animal must have an EU pet passport with the details of the owner and pet, the tattoo or microchip number, and the date of the rabies vaccination, the vaccine used, and the validity of the vaccination certificate. You can get a pet passport from a licensed veterinarian. When travelling with an animal from outside the European Union, you must have a veterinary certificate. Upon arrival from those third countries where the rabies situation is unsatisfactory, in addition to the rabies vaccine, a blood draw for the rabies antibody titre test must be performed and the animals must be quarantined for three months before entering the EU. 

If you’re moving from outside the EU, additional rules apply. They can make a noticeable difference, so be sure to check them out on the Estonian Veterinary and Food Board website.

General information from The Estonian Agriculture and Food Board
Information for travelling with a pet