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  • how to connect with local life?
  • settle in estonia programme helps you with various topics
  • a number of organisations arrange volunteer work camps and opportunities in estonia

settle in estonia programme

Starting life in a new place is a unique mix of exciting and challenging. For your new adventure to turn out smoothly, Estonia offers a comprehensive (and free!) welcoming programme designed to help you get settled.

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  • Basic module – The most essential information for newly arrived migrants
  • International protection module – The most essential information for people who have been granted international protection in Estonia
  • Studying module – Study in Estonia – what should I know?
  • Work module – Work in Estonia – what should I know?
  • Family life module – You arrived to Estonia with your family, what next?
  • Entrepreneurship module – Entrepreneurship in Estonia – where should I start from?
  • Research module – Useful tips for foreign researchers in Estonia
  • Adaptation programme module for temporary protection holders – The most essential information for beneficiaries of temporary protection
  • Language training module – Estonian language courses at level A1 and A2
  • A1 level Estonian language course for temporary protection holders

your guide to settling in estonia


The most common kinds of volunteer work are available in the environmental protection and the sustainable development fields. There’s also a good amount of organisations focusing on developing village life and local communities, youth work, education, and sports.

  • EstYES: a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organisation promoting youth and cultural exchanges for learning and better mutual understanding
  • AIESEC Estonia: volunteer opportunities for students.
  • Heateo Sihtasutus (Good Deed Foundation)
  • ELF Conservation Holidays: recreational activities combined with voluntary conservation work in nature.

Contact the Network on Estonian Nonprofit Organisations to get up to date info on volunteering opportunities in Estonia.

Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organisations

Aside from being a great pastime, volunteering enables you to get in touch with the local life