digital estonia

  • most advanced digital society in the world
  • 99% of public services available online
  • e-voting and filing taxes online within a minute is the norm
Welcome to the most advanced digital society in the world and the start-up nation of Europe. In a country where 99% of public services are online, technology is embedded in the culture and everything can be signed digitally. Estonia’s reputation as a digital pathfinder is fully justified, even if we do say so ourselves. The country started voting online in 2005 and never looked back. If innovation excites you, this is the place to be.
99% public services online
Estonia’s solid digital infrastructure enables secure and human-centred e-services that make life admin tasks smooth and convenient, with the absolute bare minimum of red tape.
digital ID to identify yourself online
Estonian ID-card provides digital access to all of Estonia’s secure e-services. Sign documents, vote in elections or declare taxes in seconds with your digital ID without having to stand in line for hours.

e-services in estonia

The Estonian state currently offers 600 e-services to its citizens and 2,400 to businesses. It is all fast and secure. You can do it from anywhere using a state-issued Estonian ID card. This means no wasted paper and no queueing where you don’t need to. Some solutions Estonians can enjoy online:

  • perform bank transactions
  • sign documents
  • vote in elections
  • pay for parking
  • receive medical assistance and prescriptions
  • buy/sell real-estate or car
  • start a business in 15 minutes
  • check grades and school materials
  • renew a driving licence

At the time of writing, the only government services that remain unavailable online are:

  • getting married, although you can file for marriage certificate online, you´d still need to be present to actually get wed
  • getting divorced

We’ll have to update this section soon, because even these services are being moved online as we speak.