• according to PISA, Estonia's general education system is 1st in Europe and one of the best in the world
  • estonia was already #1 in digital learning even before the pandemic (CEPS 2019)
  • 95% of schools use e-school solutions where parents, teachers, and children collaborate in the cloud


Estonia’s education system is a top performer in the OECD. High school graduation levels are significantly higher than OECD averages and the country’s basic education is top-ranked in Europe and the world. Estonian students achieve consistently high scores in the PISA test. All of this is to say: Your kids are in good hands. Each local government (e.g. Tallinn) is responsible for guaranteeing that every child registered as a resident in the area has access to education. Studying in universities or vocational schools is not dependent on your place of residence. For a complete, up-to-date list of schools offering education in English, visit Education Estonia.

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Estonia’s education system is a top performer in the OECD

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In Estonia, high-quality public education is free for all residents. You’ll need to register your child in order for them to be guaranteed a place at a school nearby. The school will be chosen based on the proximity from your home (per the Population Register) to the school, but other factors — such as whether or not other children from your family also attend, and the parents’ wishes — will also be taken into account.

The school is obliged to accept all children designated to that school. A parent can choose another school for their child as long as there are spaces available. Contact your municipality or city’s education official to find out which school has been designated as your child’s school of residence. And if you want to explore your options in a more casual environment, book a free consultation with the International House of Estonia.

international schools

While it is up to each family to decide on their needs when it comes to schools, it is common for people who are planning to stay in Estonia for a long time to send their kids to state schools teaching in Estonian. For those looking to stay long-term, this is a great way for kids and parents to dive into the local life and integrate better. 

Some schools provide education in English, but those typically have tuition fees. These schools and their fees vary greatly, so there is an international school to meet most families’ needs. Additionally, some schools are open for admission year-round, and finding a spot is not an issue. For details on admission, it is best to contact the international school of your choice.

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