• all estonian employed residents whose employer pays the required social tax, are entiteled to estonian health insurance
  • all people living in estonia with a temporary residence permit must be covered by insurance during their entire stay
  • for unexpected or minor health issues you can contact the advisory line of general practitioners by dialling 1220, operating 24h

Estonia has a solidarity-based social insurance system. There are private insurance providers too, but if you’re moving here for work, you will be covered by the public system—that’s what your taxes are for.

Your main source of medical care will be your family doctor (also known as a family physician, general practitioner, or primary care physician—the perearst). Once you have your residence permit, health insurance coverage, and a registered address, you’ll need to find a doctor to sign up with. Finding an English-speaking doctor may take some effort but is perfectly doable if you follow these steps.

Estonia also has an efficient system of e-health solutions. You can access your medical information and book appointments online easily.

In case of an emergency, call 112