up to 3 months – non-EU

before you arrive

As a non-EU citizen, you’ll need to obtain a (D) visa to legally stay in Estonia. If you’re a citizen of one of these non-EU countries you can stay in Estonia without a visa for up to 90 days.

Visa freedom countries

for short-term workers

Your employer needs to register your short-term employment with the Estonian Police and Border Guard. Once your registration has been processed, expect to receive your Estonian ID-code in up to 15 working days.

arrival to-do list

valid travel documents (take care to confirm their eligibility beforehand)

immunization passport or certificate (if required)

check the latest border crossing regulations

bring travel tickets

purchase travel health insurance

research bank and wire transfer options 

research your destination city

find a place to stay

bring a hat, scarf, and warm gloves. Essential if arriving in winter, spring, or fall

start networking! contact the international house of estonia and join local expat communities on Facebook


If you’re only staying a few months, opening a bank account might not make sense. Neobanking options like Wise, Monese, or Revolut can be great alternatives to traditional bank accounts.


tax residency

Since you’re residing in Estonia for less than 183 days, your tax residency won’t change. If you’re coming to Estonia for short-term employment, taxes from your salary will still be paid in Estonia. You’ll want to take these into account when filing tax declarations in your home country, so ask your employer to provide you with a TSM MR form.



Once your employer has registered you with the Employment Registry and you’ve received your Estonian ID-code, you’ll have health care coverage starting on your 15th day of employment. In case of a serious injury or illness, visit the nearest Emergency Medical Center or dial 112.

public transportation

The most convenient way to access public transport (like a local!) is to buy a transport card from all city offices, post offices, or R-kiosk convenience stores and personalise it so you can travel by tram, bus, and train.

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relocation guide

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