3+ months

before coming to estonia

  1. 1

    find a job
    Have a look at the latest offers

  2. 2

    sign an employment contract
    Agree on working conditions with your new employer and sign a job contract. You can learn more about employment contracts

  3. 3

    find a home
    The housing market in Estonia is heating up, so you’ll want to start looking right away. Luckily, we’ve got all the information you need.

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travel to-do list

  1. valid travel documents (take care to confirm their eligibility beforehand)

  2. immunisation passport or certificate (if required)

  3. check the latest border crossing regulations

  4. bring travel tickets

  5. purchase travel health insurance

  6. research bank and wire transfer options

  7. research your destination city

  8. make sure you have somewhere to stay

  9. bring a hat, scarf, and warm gloves. Essential if arriving in winter, spring, or fall

apply for right of residence

ID code

Now that you’re here, the first order of business is to apply for your Estonian personal identification number. Your Estonian ID code is a unique 11 digit number that is used for identification and will allow you to access Estonia’s social services. This includes health care, free language courses, and free public transport (Tallinn only).

  1. Visit a local government services office in Tallinn or Tartu. You can also visit the International House of Estonia but an appointment is required.
  2. Prepare the application form and be sure to bring your passport along. Find the form here
  3. The appointment will take approximately 30 minutes and you’ll receive your code immediately.
Address registration

Register your address in Estonia at your local government service office or at the International House of Estonia (appointment required).

Good to know

  • If the rental property is owned by more than one person, all the owners’ signatures need to be on the lease.
  • Came with family? You have the option to submit a joint address registration form.

Planning on moving? Yes, you’ll need to re-register. But don’t worry, with your Estonian ID or temporary residence card it can be completed online at eesti.ee

ID card

You can apply for an Estonian ID card at the Police and Border Guard Board. It’ll function as your identification documentation going forward, but it’s also the key that unlocks all the e-services Estonia is famous for. With your Estonian ID card in hand, you can take care of almost everything online!

What to bring

  • Application form: can be completed in advance or on-site.

Find the form here

  • Passport or identification document.
  • A colour photo measuring 40×50 mm. All state offices have a booth where you can get the photo taken for free.

A document that certifies you’ve paid the state fee

good to know

who is considered an estonian tax resident?

According to subsection 6 (1) of the Income Tax Act, you’re considered a tax resident of Estonia if you meet at least one of the following requirements: 

  1. Your place of residence is in Estonia
  2. You reside in Estonia for at least 183 days of the year
  3. You’re an Estonian diplomat in the foreign service
can I contribute to a pension?

Yes, you can. Once your tax residency has been changed to Estonia, you’ll have the option to join the pension system, which withholds 2% of your gross monthly salary to be reinvested for your retirement.

I've decided to leave estonia. now what?

We’re sorry to see you go! You’ll want to notify the Tax Board of your decision by submitting another form R.

Form R

De-register your Estonian residency address at the Population Registry, either online, via email or at one of their service bureaus.

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find a doctor

As long as your employer has registered you in the Employment Registry, you’ll be eligible for full health care on your 15th day of employment. Once you’ve found a specific doctor or clinic to your liking you can submit a registration application. You’ll receive a confirmation once you’re accepted. The change will be effective on the first day of the month after you initially submitted your application.

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getting around

In Estonia’s capital city of Tallinn, public transport is free for all registered residents. You’ll want to buy an Ühiskaart card (which you can purchase at any post office or R-kiosk) and then personalise it so you can start accessing the public transport system. Every time you ride, hold the card up to any automatic ticket reader. Wait for the beep, then take a seat!

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arriving with family


The Estonian health care system will cover all eligible family members, but additional documentation might be necessary.

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Private health insurance providers

spouse programme

The spouse programme programme is available for foreign partners/spouses interested in working in Estonia, and includes complimentary career counselling services.

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