Work in Estonia’s Campaign in Finland Won Prestigious Digital Marketing Award

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik
Ignite's job offer on Airbnb

Work in Estonia’s Spring campaign conducted by IDEA AD and aimed at ICT workers in Finland won Digitegu 2016 award in ’branded article’ category. The extraordinary internet guerilla campaign conducted using the Airbnb platform.

“Mass media and ordinary social media channels are full of advertisement and at the same time the usage of ad blockers is growing,” said Tõnis Vassar, Creative Media Director at IDEA AD. “We found that we have to think more broadly than just using ordinary banner advertisement and aim the Finnish ICT workers that travel often, in an environment where there are no competing banner advertisements.”

The aim of the campaign was to draw the attentionof Finnish media to the possibilities of working in Estonia in order to reach young people in Finland working in the ICT sector. Work in Estonia and IDEA AD cooperated with the employers Excedea, Tieto, and Ignite and published three work offers on Airbnb. Instead of the possibility to book a place to stay, the possibility to book a work desk at one of the companies participating was offered.

The award was presented at Estonia’s leading internet marketing conference Best Internet held on November 3-4 in Tallinn.

This Spring Work in Estonia’s previous campaign where Tinder was used as one of guerilla advertising channels, won The Golden Egg for Creative Media use.