Work in Estonia won 2 Golden Egg awards for the “Just log in” campaign

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Estonia’s vibrant start up scene and rapidly growing IT and tech sector is constantly looking for new talent abroad. The hunt for talent is global- countries, regions, cities competing with each other. When global lock down in 2021 hit it made talent attraction and foreign recruitment even more complicated. „Just log in“, the well-integrated digital campaign to attract global tech talent to Estonia, won the silver prize in the digital media category and the bronze prize in the social media communications category at the Baltic region’s largest and most prestigious creativity festival Golden Egg (Kuldmuna in Estonian).

Problem: how to attract and recruit IT talents during a lockdown?

When covid-19 hit the world, everything changed as relocation to another country was no longer an option for many people and life moved to online, including recruiting and working. It was our aim to make Estonia a top preferred country for (remote) working amongst global IT talent, thereby supporting Estonian based companies with a wider talent selection. And, of course, doing it differently than the rest of the world by focusing on our key messages and tone of voice.


How to create a purposeful value proposition for talents around the world? By supporting companies to recruit talents online, repositioning Work in Estonia to Work in e-Estonia, and showing that Estonia itself is the best home office.

The content based on a friendly and witty tone to make the ads relatable and emotion-evoking for IT talents. The campaign’s protagonist IT specialist Steve, an expat himself, showed throughout the campaign key arguments why one should work in Estonia and how is life in general here. In addition, a social media strategy was developed to support communication that created a balance between entertaining IT-friendly content (jokes, memes, domain humour) and helpful content (application process, job opportunities, pros and cons of working in Estonia, e-government).


“Just log in” took place from November 2021 to February 2022. Bringing attention to Estonia and making us stand out in a very competitive environment, increasing the number of applicants exponentially on the Work in Estonia webpage. Within four months, almost 11 000 thousand people applied for a job in Estonia, the homepage had more than 340 000 visits, and the campaign videos had nearly 23 million views. Also a lof of direct contacts from target audience. Working in Estonia is simple, just log in.