WalkTalk – a new approach to learning Estonian!

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

WalkTalk is a new platform introducing a different approach to learning languages – including Estonian!

WalkTalk application uses everyday, simple dialogues to learn Estonian – up to B1 level. You can boost your language skills with the free application that can be downloaded in www.walktalk.ee/en. It is a fast way to learn conversational Estonian with locals, using real life situations – and the best thing, it is completely free of charge for you to use!

Linguists and teachers know that you should speak foreign language in everyday life to become a fluent speaker. Speaking only in the class doesn’t give this result. Let’s go to real life, to real people! WalkTalk supports and encourages you!

WalkTalk is the only language app in the region that uses geolocation to support foreign language practice. Switch on WalkTalk to get phrases and expressions you need for communication in specific situations – in a grocery store, cafe shop, street… you name it! The first steps are the most difficult and WalkTalk is ready to help you.

The application was launched this November, 2018 and it is supported by the Integration Foundation.

Here’s a quick video explaining WalkTalk