Volkswagen Group bringing a big part of its future to Estonia: We can find specialists here that have long-term experiences in creating secure software

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

Volkswagen Group’s software company Car.Software is responsible for the group-wide creation and maintenance of vehicle software, digital ecosystems and client-oriented software needed by the group’s extensive dealership network, daily business newspaper Ärileht writes. The Estonian company will deal with the corporation’s growing product portfolio and intellectual property, also providing judicial support for its processes. Later, other functions, such as software procurement will be added.

“Estonia is one of the world’s most developed digital societies,” the CEO of Car.Software Estonia, Nicolas Derbin, commented. “The same applies to the judicial framework for digital products. We can find specialists here that have long-term experiences with software security and that can help Car.Software Organisation be successful.”

“We are proud that we have the chance to work in the innovative environment here,” he added.

Volkswagen Group is moving ahead in full speed in the digitalisation of its vehicles. While now software products and services constitue about 10 per cent of Volkswagen Group’s portfolio, it has been decided that this will grow to 60 per cent by 2025. During the next years, billions of euros will be invested in this process.

A part of all this is further developing VW.OS, an operations system created for all the cars produced by Volkswagen Group, and the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud service. Car.Software Organisation is a company that merges the solutions provided by different technological platforms to create new, data-driven business models and promote innovation.

In today’s cars, software is used to control different parts of the vehicles, beginning from the infotainment system and ending with the drive train, meaning that software solutions play a bigger part in the automotive industry year-by-year. As the role of digital grows, there has been a growing interest in investing in Estonia by the automotive sector during the past few year.

Photo credits: Uli Sonntag