Tips on where to look for a job in Estonia

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

Are you looking for tips on where to find a job in Estonia? We have compiled a list of channels that will be useful in the journey of finding for the position and company you find appealing.

We recommend using these channels: 

  • is the one place you will want to visit, because it showcases all English-language job offers by Estonian companies on one website. We automatically access relevant job offers from the three most popular job portals in Estonia ( and Have a look at the hundreds job offers here! The page also offers official information about relocating to Estonia and settling in.
  • Sign up for Work in Estonia monthly newsletter and get insider job offers from the best Estonian companies delivered to your inbox once a month.
  • Facebook groups: Expat jobs in Tallinn, Expats in Tallinn / Estonia, Expats in Tallinn, Estonia. Sharing means caring, so the expat community might be looking for new international colleagues.
  • Friends and acquaintances – this is of course one of the best routes if you are lucky and already know anyone from Estonia. Estonia is a small country with 1.3 million inhabitants and it often happens that someone knows someone who is looking for a colleague exactly like you.
  • University counselling if you are already in Estonia for studies, check
  • – European Job Mobility Network in Estonia. In practice the network provides its services through the portal and through a personal network of around 1000 advisers who are in daily contact with jobseekers and employers across Europe.
  • Sign up on the secret recruitment app for top talent called MeetFrank, which is currently used by quite a number of Estonian tech companies for finding the best talent.
  • Contact recruitment agenciesin Estonia.

So… why wait more?! Have a look at the 500+ job offers here!

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