Tech events in Estonia to consider today

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

Some say that Estonia has become the next Silicon Valley of Europe with so many outstanding startups, people with a global mindset and the buzzing tech community in the capital Tallinn. Whether you already live here or are thinking about relocating soon, there are several upcoming tech meetups and conferences in Estonia you might want to attend. Networking, hands-on workshops, keynotes on trending topics and parties are just some of the experiences you can dive into while attending all these tech events.

Tech Meetups

April 9 at Meriton Hotel in Tallinn: Devclub 71 

This time the meeting will give a brief introduction to what an experienced software engineer needs to enter the data engineering world. Doug Sillars comes to share his Google Developer Expert knowledge and Lauri Koobas will give software engineers an introduction to the world of data engineering. Similar Devclub meetings take place every month, so check their website for future events.

April 9 at Centennial Hotel in Tallinn: Become a Junior Java Developer 

Do not postpone your dreams and plans! If you are interested in programming or if you want to learn more about it – you are invited to attend a meeting of the Software Development Academy Estonia. The meeting will cover a variety of topics, including how to learn programming from scratch and how long it takes, the current state of the IT industry in Estonia and why so many programmers are still needed. For similar events, take a look here.

April 10 at F-hoone in Tallinn: Startup Wise Guys CyberNorth Launch Party

Startup Wise Guys are back in Tallinn with the next acceleration programme. For the first time we are opening the doors to CyberNorth, the first defence AI and cybersecurity focused accelerator by Startup Wise Guys together with the Estonian Defence Industry Association and the Estonian Ministry of Defence. For future events with Startup Wise Guys, keep an eye here.

April 10 at Vaimo in Tallinn: Tech Talks

Join Vaimo and Doug Sillars, Google Developer expert, who will visit us in Tallinn to talk about fast and beautiful images and video. Get to know other developers, enjoy some snacks and revel in an evening of tech, tech and tech. For future Vaimo events take a look here.

April 10 at Spring Hub in Tallinn: Deploying WordPress – pain in the donkey?

What about managing WordPress installations – are they the ultimate pain in the… donkey? Or have you found a tool or process that makes them easy and foolproof, covers a lot of scenarios and is easy to learn? For similar events organized by Tallinn WordPress meetup, please follow here.

11 April at Tule Estonia Restaurant in Tallinn: Technology and knowledge sharing

This meetup is for restarting the group in a new and enjoyable way. Participants will have the chance to introduce themselves, share their work with other hackers and learn from the experience of others. For similar events in future, take a look at Internet of Things Tallinn.

April 11 at Palo Alto Club in Tallinn: Revolution in cyber security

In the morning seminar learn about Cortex XDR and demo of the service and take a look at an overview of Palo Alto firewalls from troubleshooting and daily Ops perspectives. Also, be one of the first to become acquainted with the new operating system that powers our next-generation firewalls. The event is hosted by Santa Monica Networks and Palo Alto Networks. If you would like to attend similar events, take a look here.

April 12 at Workland in Tallinn: Global Founders in Estonia

Global Founders in Estonia (previously known as “Foreign Founders in Estonia”) is a meetup series for all global startup founders in Estonia and the local startup community to meet, exchange ideas and learn from each other. For similar events we invite you to keep an eye on Startup Estonia Facebook page.

April 15 at Bolt in Tallinn: Global graph celebration day

Bolt is celebrating a global graph celebration day with snacks and cool SWAG included. The speaker for the event will be Alex Tavgen from PlayTech. For similar events, please follow GraphDB Tallinn meetup.

April 14 at Pipedrive in Tallinn: Front-End meetup

Welcome to Pipedrive’s headquarters for our Front-End meetup! The event will cover several topics, including how to make dev teams happy through component libraries, journey to convention UI, 80/20 – using component libraries to kick-start your project. To keep an eye on their future events, please click here.

April 23 Palo Alto Club in Tallinn: Getting started with Docker containers

You are invited to a four hour workshop with PILW.IO to get hands-on experience in working with Docker containers. Learn the basics to start working with containers and get practice with a real-life use case! Docker containers, an industry standard containerization tool, helps developers to deliver websites, applications and software faster, while it helps businesses to save costs by using system resources more efficiently.

April 26 to 27 at Palo Alto Club in Tallinn: Single Digital Gateway Hackathon

Welcome to the Single digital gateway, a series of high-level hackathons hosted in cities across Europe where citizens, businesses, professionals, students, NGOs – in fact, all creative minds put their heads together to map out and shape an all-in-one digital gateway for smarter e-services and information anywhere in Europe.

May 3 to 5 at Tartu Observatory in Tartu: Garage48 SpaceTech 2019

Garage48 SpaceTech 2019 invites engineers, developers, marketers, designers, data scientists, and field practitioners to explore the possibilities of space technology and create a working solution in just 48 hours. No previous experience needed – take it as a chance to learn about the magical world of space technology. Keep an eye on their homepage, because their events take place in various locations across the Baltics.

May 9 to 10 at Palo Alto Club in Tallinn: Garage48 Visualising Data

Have you ever stared at a massive data spreadsheet and thought how much prettier it would look when visualised? Data and data analysis have taken on a new quality and what used to be simple charts are now complex and creative pieces of data art. A good visualisation tells a narrative, removing the noise from the data and highlighting the useful information – it’s storytelling with a purpose.

May 21 at LIFT99 in Tallinn: Concise Tech Discussion 

When can you say there are enough automated tests? What happens if code is reviewed only after a production commit? How do you deploy continuously in a project with over 30 engineers? This time, Concise will share experiences on continuous deployment and trunk-based development which are essential parts of #superagile.

15 June at Global at Solidify in Tallinn: Global DevOps Bootcamp

Global DevOps Bootcamp is a global event that will be held on Saturday June 15th and is all about DevOps on the Microsoft Stack. Centrally organized by Xpirit and Solidify and offered to you by this local partner. During this one-day event we will join (Microsoft) DevOps communities all around the world to talk, learn and play with DevOps concepts.


Tech Conferences

11 and 12 April at Kultuurikatel in Tallinn: GameDev Days

GameDev Days Conference brings together the Estonian gaming scene with the world’s leading companies related to game development which makes it a great networking opportunity. If you are running a business, seeking wisdom, or want to be in the spotlight, GameDev Days is the place where business meets creativity.

April 18 at SPARK HUB in Tartu: UX TARTU 2019

UX Tartu will take place for the third time in Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia. The event, which has previously featured speakers from Spotify,, Velvet and Pipedrive, brings the UX community together to rock this world once again.

16 and 17 May at Kultuurikatel in Tallinn: Latitude59

Latitude59 2019 with nearly 2,500 attendees, including 250 investors and more than 700 startup representatives, this tech gathering brings together key players who are serious about startups, about investing, as well as about the future of smart governance. The event allows you to use a variety of networking opportunities, in-depth discussions with top international players, several pitching rounds for both startups and investors. There will also be a startup demo area with the 50 most relevant startups from the Baltics and Central and Eastern Europe.

29 to 31 May at Kultuurikatel in Tallinn: Nordic Testing Days

Nordic Testing Days is an annual conference primarily aimed at software testers. However, over the last few years we have branched out, welcoming others ranging from programmers to UX specialists, project managers to designers etc. In other words, everyone who is interested in dipping their toes into testing and contributing to a smoother software development cycle and quality. We believe this will help diversify learning across the board.

16 to 20 June at Kultuurikatel in Tallinn: TNC19 – Forging Digital Societies

TNC is the largest and most prestigious European research and education networking conference. TNC19, the conference’s 35th session, will be hosted by EENet of HITSA, the Estonian Education and Research Network, and will be held in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city. This year’s conference theme, Forging Digital Societies, is inspired by two main concepts: the idea that computer networks, by supporting human interactions, help to create and forge digital societies is combined with the innovative model of Estonia’s e-residency programme.

29 June at TalTech in Tallinn: Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Conference 2019

ICR has been taking place at TalTech since 2015. The event brings together hundreds of participants from various academic backgrounds to share their research on information and communication technologies. The conference will run in parallel sessions dedicated to more specific research areas, each session being chaired by established scholars and professionals.

12 September at Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia in Tallinn: Tech Day 2019

Tech Day brings together IT specialists and leaders, corporate heads, as well as those interested in technology. Tech Day is the biggest technology conference in Estonia where you will learn about the latest technology news and best practices in their leadership, security and innovation perspectives. This year’s conference will focus on transformation, concerning the impacts, risks and opportunities of technology and the digital revolution in a wider context, e.g. for enterprises, the corporate sector, and people in general.

16 to 19 September at Park Inn Radisson Meriton Conference and SPA hotel in Tallinn: The 14th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium

The objective of the symposium is to provide an international forum for the latest scientific and technological achievements in Human-Machine Systems research. The symposium aims to bring together researchers working in this field and provide them with opportunities to exchange ideas, review results achieved and develop a vision for future research.

17 and 18 September at Kultuurikatel in Tallinn: eID Forum

The eID FORUM works for open dialogue between industry and governments, promoting discussions on eID technology and eID solutions, integration and interoperability, as well as advance industry ideas for innovative eID services that will improve our future.

26 to 27 September at Kultuurikatel in Tallinn: GeekOut

GeekOut is a technology conference that started as a one-day event in 2011 and has grown into a full-blown, two-day show for amazing developers. The focus of the conference is on Java and other JVM languages, the JVM itself, modern C++, covering developer tooling, solution architecture, programming methodologies, continuous delivery, and high-performance computing.

October 3 at Vaba Lava in Tallinn: PyCon Estonia 2019

PyCon is an annual conference aimed at promoting and educating people about the Python programming language. During the event, participants will join talks and workshops covering all things Python including Machine learning, Data Science, and IoT. This year, the primary topic is the future of Python.

29 November to 1 December at Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn: Robotex International

Robetex International is the biggest robotics festival worldwide. Thousands of attendees, including engineers, CEOs, students and families, come together to be inspired by industry leaders, examine new startups and of course build robots for various challenges. It is also an opportunity to dive into the latest technology innovations. The festival will consist of many competitions, keynotes, workshops and much more.


Events not to miss next year

sTARTUp Day – usually in January

sTARTUp Day brings together more than 100 world-class speakers and 4000 attendees to discuss new technologies, business and innovation. It is also a chance to exchange startup success stories and lessons learned. The two-day event includes several pitching competitions, hands-on seminars and a large expo area where companies showcase their latest innovations.

0100 Conference – usually in January

0100 Conference is a one-day event dedicated to the venture capital industry. The event mainly focuses on investors. The event aims to bring together investors from the Baltics and Nordics to talk on a wide range of subjects. It also a platform to share insights and build a valuable regional network.

North Star AI – usually in March

North Star AI is a technology conference focusing on technical aspects of data science and machine learning. The event takes a closer look at data platforms, algorithms and tooling. Here, the topics range from data engineering to meta-learning with applications, text processing, healthcare, transportation, deliveries, music, movies and even more.

FinanceEstonia Forum  – usually in March

People use a lot of buzzwords to predict the future and describe the potential paths the world of finance may take as it continues to evolve. Much of it seems to be just talk, but there are also real patterns emerging that point to an increasingly efficient and democratic future for the financial sector globally. The conference takes you on a journey along the paths to the future and shows you whether and why traditional financial institutions might lose ground and how new solutions might emerge from surprising sources. Here, you can also take a look at the realities of cyber security and fintech.

Refresh Conference – usually in September (the event will be back in Autumn 2020)

Refresh Conference is a product, design and front-end conference that provides fresh inspiration for building great product experiences on the web. The first conference was held in Tallinn four years ago, while last year it brought together 20 speakers and 700 attendees. The programme of events covers a variety of themes from project development to UX, as well as design to front-end engineering.

All the events mentioned above bring together many like-minded people interested in tech, so you will definitely hear some great ideas and learn from the experience of others. A couple of platforms that are useful for constantly keeping an eye on future tech events are Eventbrite and Meetup. And in case you have time to attend even more tech events than all of those listed above then… Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga and also St. Petersburg are all within a 400 km range from Tallinn and easy to reach.

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