Study: No Strong Barriers for Choosing Estonia as a Place of Work among Ukrainian IT Specialists

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

A recent study conducted by Work in Estonia in Ukraine, revealed that lack of knowledge is the main barrier that is stopping Ukrainian IT specialists from finding work opportunities in Estonia. No other strong barriers were observed.

To solve this gap, Work in Estonia is carrying out campaigns in Ukraine that introduce living and working opportunities in Estonia for IT professionals.

According to Karin Patune, Work in Estonia Project Manager, Estonia is a great place for Ukrainian IT professionals to gain international work experience. “Estonia is one of the most developed digital societies in the world and thus we offer a great opportunity to learn and prove yourself,” said Patune. “Ukrainian IT professionals are welcome to gain international work experience in Estonia. We offer an active start-up scene, exciting career opportunities and a pleasant living environment.”


The aim of the study: To identify and measure key drivers and barriers for IT professionals for relocation to Estonia
Sample size: 601 respondents
Target group: IT professionals aged 23-40 with at least one year of work experience
Geography: Ukraine, biggest cities


Most important findings:

• Majority (72%) of IT professionals is interested in working abroad in the nearest future. Right now only 15% of the respondents have an experience of working abroad.
• Companies corporate websites, employment portals (such as,,, etc) and friends are the main sources of information about working opportunities abroad
• Main factors taken into account when choosing a country for relocation are optimum ratio of wages and cost of living, possibility of obtaining unique knowledge/experience and good living conditions for family.
• Main factors taken into account when choosing a company for relocation are high salary, opportunities for career growth in the company and the
the opportunity to conclude an employment contract, which guarantees full protection of employee interests.
• The basic knowledge about Estonia as a country is rather poor among IT professionals. Only 10% of the respondents have visited Estonia once or more than once. Only 12% are aware about job opportunities in IT field in Estonia.
• The main barrier that stops Ukrainian specialists to find work in Estonia is the lack of knowledge about employment opportunities and living conditions in Estonia (56% of the respondents). No strong barriers for choosing Estonia as a place of work and living were observed.
• 18% of the respondents would spontaneously consider Estonia as a country for relocation and work. However, when respondents were offered to think about Estonia as a potential country for relocation almost a half (46%) of IT specialist mentioned that they would consider Estonia as a place of work and living.
• Estonia appeals to Ukrainian IT specialist as a place for relocation as Estonia is believed to have an optimum ratio of wages and cost of living, possibilities of obtaining unique knowledge and experience and good living conditions for family.
• Estonia appeals to Ukrainian IT specialists as a safe, attractive and a tolerant country.