Students come up with smart ideas for construction and travel industries

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

New business ideas thought up by students from the University of Tartu, which help the construction and travel industries, have made it to the top of two prestigious competitions.

Quiktract, an online service which connects entrepreneurs and workers in the construction industry took home first prize in the fourth Kaleidoskoop competition.

The idea is similar to GoWorkaBit website, but by focusing on the construction sector, it is filling a gap in a specific market.

Developer of QuikTract Joosep Kibal, said: “We plan to keep to the field of construction and at the beginning offer additional and short-term workforce, but later maybe also longer-term and project-based work.

“After we get the service working in Estonia, we want to expand to the Baltic and Nordic countries and even reach the UK.”

A second group of students’ app was selected among the top 100 best ideas at Estonia’s largest entrepreneurship competition, Ajujaht.

They developed Tripmatch which finds the best and most rational travel destinations for friends or relatives located in different countries.

It helps them spend approximately the same amount of money and travel time.