Recruiting Event: Companies Looking to Hire Foreign Students (Nov 11)

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

On November 11 SA Archimedes, Work in Estonia and Ülemiste City will organize a recruiting event for foreign students studying in Estonia.

The job fair is aimed at bachelor and master level students in diferent areas of study. This year the event will take place for the third time. The main goal of the job fair is to help companies find qualified staff and make it easier for the best students to stay in Estonia after graduation.

In addition to the possibility to meet the entrepeneurs the students have the possibility to take part in seminars focusing on topics like Estonian working culture, Estonian work laws, starting a business in Estonia, etc.

The job fair is free for both, the companies and students.

The fair will take place at restaurant Dvigatel, Ülemiste City (Lõõtsa 6).


14-15:00 Seminar “Estonian work culture and legal requirements for working”
15-16:00 Seminar “How to start your own business in Estonia?”
15-17:00 Work fair at Ülemiste City, restaurant Dvigatel

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