Prime Minister Rõivas Encourages Finnish Professionals to Live and Work in Estonia

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

Estonia’s Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas told Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat that due to the 5 – 6 per cent rise in wages for consecutive years, Estonia is becoming a place where Finnish specialists want to settle.

“For example, the wages the IT sector in Estonia offers, allow a similar standard of living to that of Finland, while taking into account the lower rates in Estonia,” Rõivas said. At the same time the pressure for Estonians to go to a work in Finland has reduced, the Prime Minister added.

Rõivas is also promoting cross-border use of digital services between Estonia and Finland.  He believes it should be really easy for Finns to use Estonian and Estonians to use Finnish services.

“In any case, Finns are welcome to Estonia to live and work. We have the space,” Rõivas said.