New coding school launched in Estonia

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

To help reduce the growing demand for software developers in Estonia, founders of  Transferwise, Bolt and several entrepreneurs have decided to launch Jõhvi Coding School, in Estonia in Autumn 2021.

The school’s curriculum will be based on the international 01Edu self-studying system which has been used in France, Finland and Silicon Valley and comprises of two years of intensive study where students set their own pace.

The teaching emphasizes working as part of a team and developing problem-solving skills. Subjects include databases, networks, software applications and interfaces and user experience design.

It will be open to students over the age of 18 who have completed basic education and a one-month trial period. It can accommodate 200 students and studying is free. No previous programming experience or knowledge is required.

The school has received government funding to open. Well-known companies and organizations, such as TransferWise, SEB, LHV, Superangel, Bolt, Astrec Data, Pipedrive, the Estonian Founders’ Society, the Good Deed Education Foundation and Startup Estonia also support its opening.

Additionally, private donors have contributed over €700,000. Applications will open in the spring.