New campaign: test your IT skills and land a top job in Estonia!

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

We have created a platform for web-based challenges from Estonia´s top employers – passing these may land a top programming job in Estonia.

Put your coding skills to test on


Triin Visnapuu-Sepp, head of the state-run Work in Estonia programme, said that Estonia has become a hotspot for innovation and is therefore in constant lookout for top IT talents.

“Estonian companies aren’t, however, simply looking for programmers as anyone could learn to code, but they are looking for people with engineering passion and problem-solving skills, people who want to build their career and take professional challenges,” she commented.

The quiz is available for everyone who wants to challenge themselves but it is primarily meant for mid and senior level programmers speaking English and considering working abroad.

“Doing well in the tests will, without doubt, get you noticed by the companies’ managers and may result in job offers,” Visnapuu-Sepp said and added that there will be more tests added by companies continuously.

Estonia, the world’s first digital society, is well known for its bustling ICT scene. Estonia is regarded safe and affordable country for relocation and due to its low hierarchy offers many opportunities to fast-track one’s career. The country rocked the world with its e-residency programme and is now looking for IT-talents to spice up their already booming ICT sector.


Here’s the deal:

  1. Do the warm-up exercise and get access to the tests from Estonia’s top employers.
  2. Complete at least one of the tests and enjoy a shortcut in the recruitment process… a talent employment priority pass, if you will.
  3. Expect feedback from employers’ IT and engineering managers, even if you fail your test(s).

Put your coding skills to test on