Welcoming Programme current open sessions

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

In 2018, the Ministry of the Interior will continue providing training courses in cooperation with Expat Relocation Estonia OÜ within the framework of the Welcoming Programme intended for all newly arrived foreigners. One-day Welcoming Programme training sessions will provide you with primary knowledge and skills for everyday life and work in Estonia. You also have the opportunity to take part in Estonian language trainings for beginners.

Participating in the Welcoming Programme is free of charge. All newly arrived foreigners with a valid temporary residence permit or temporary right of residence who have lived in Estonia for less than five years can participate in the training courses.

Register for trainings at www.settleinestonia.ee.

Persons who have participated in the Welcoming Programme on the programme:

“It is a great programme for an introduction to the Estonian language, culture, and people. The training courses were varied and interactive.” Abdulazeez, Nigeria

“I enjoyed every training session. The methods used in the training were chosen well. Altogether, the Welcoming Programme was useful and I hope that I will have more opportunities for further integration into the Estonian society.” Georgios, Greece

“It was certainly useful for newly arrived foreigners. The trainers were very experienced. Everything was great and I truly appreciated it. You really could not ask for more. All in all, it was perfect and necessary – thank you for providing the training.” Ramesh, Nepal

The following training sessions are currently open in the training calendar:

Estonian language training for beginners (level A1):

City Start Language
Narva 23/04/2018 Russian
Tallinn 24/04/2018 English
Tallinn 03/05/2018 Russian
Tallinn 07/05/2018 English
Tallinn 08/05/2018 Russian


Basic module:

Date City Language
21/04/2018 Tartu English
21/04/2018 Narva Russian


Work and entrepreneurship module:

Date City Language
21/04/2018 Tallinn English
22/04/2018 Tallinn Russian
28/04/2018 Tartu English
29/04/2018 Narva Russian


Family life module:

Date City Language
05/05/2018 Tallinn Russian
06/05/2018 Tallinn English
12/05/2018 Tartu English
13/05/2018 Narva Russian


Children and young people module

Date City Language
05/05/2018 Tallinn Russian
06/05/2018 Tallinn English


See you in Welcoming Programme training courses! Register for trainings at www.settleinestonia.ee.

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