Internships are a Good Way to Start a Successful Career

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

Internships are a good chance to start a strong career and proving yourself as an expert in your field, the HR specialists of Swedbank and Telia write in the blog of CV Online.

„Internship is a time when a student gets to know an employer and visa versa,“ Grete Kotkas, the head of Estonian bank’s Swedban writes. „Interns go through tough a choice process. For example in 2016 there were 1,000 applicants for 100 internship places.“

One of the reasons for working as an intern is that it is compulsory at many universities and vocational schools. At the same time, this could be a time for making necessary contacts and making better choices. planning the career.

„Internship is a great chance to develop your skills,“ Liina Jutt, the HR Consultant of Telia Eesti writes. „In addition, internship gives you some real work experience that can be added to your resume and this makes it easier for you to apply for another job.“

Also, the chances of an intern to get a full-time job after the internship at the company where they have been working, are high. According to Kotkas, about one third of the interns at Swedbank later get a full-time job. At Telia Eesti the chances for interns continuing at the company are also high if they are successful at what they do during internship.

Of course, there are many interns that decide that because of the time their studies take, they cannot continue working right away but would like to return to the companies they were studying at after graduation. Still, for them internships are a great way to find out how things work in their field they have chosen.

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