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Education System Overview & and Pre- & Basic School in Estonia (12.05.21)

Start: 12.05.2021 16.30

Duration: 1 h 00 min

Online event

‼👋Wondering how the Estonian Education system works? Have kids on pre-school or basic school age? Join our webinar to get the basic overview of the Education System in Estonia! 🧐
Our webinar will give a short but thorough overview of the Estonian formal Education System👨‍🏫, as well as a bit more detailed information on the main things to know about what to expect in Pre-school and Basic school environments.

🗣Imbi Henno, from the Estonian Ministry of Education will begin with presenting the general organization of the Estonian Education System, as well as explaining a bit the success behind the PISA tests of Estonia. 💪
🗣Ave Härsing, from the Education and Youth Board, will then follow with important information about Pre-school and Basic school age children, such as how to apply and enroll children in these. ✍
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Relocating to Estonia with Family Members (18.05.2021)

Start: 18.05.2021 10.00

Duration: 1 h 05 min

Online event

Work in Estonia invites employers interested in international recruitment to participate in a webinar, where they can get insight into what to consider when a foreign specialist wishes to move to Estonia with their family. The webinar will take place on May 18 at 10:00-11:05 virtually.  


The event will feature: 

Marina Kadak (PPA): Marina is going to give an overview of current regulations and practical advice, which is important to consider when relocating specialists with their family members.  


Alexandra Lindblom (Malwarebytes): Alexandra igoing to share her practical experience in relocating specialists and their family members, especially in the current pandemic situation. 


Leonardo Ortega (Work in Estonia): Leonardo is going to introduce Work in Estonia’s spouse program that is going to relaunch in the upcoming months. 


The event is free of charge, however we ask all participants to register here.  

Webinar Series: Looking for a Job in Estonia Series (May)

Start: 24.05.2021 13.30

Duration: 1 h 30 min

Online event

📣Do you need help in finding a job in Estonia?
👉Work in Estonia in collaboration with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund (EUIF) has set up a series of webinars on overview of the job market, self-analysis, looking for a job and attending a job interview. The schedule of the webinars is:
🔹May 24th at 13:30-15:00, Job Market Overview
This webinar will give you an overview of today’s situation in the Estonian job market, followed by tips and recommendations on how and where to look for jobs.
🔹May 26th at 13:30-15:00, Requirements for a Stand-Out CV in Estonia
A practical workshop that helps you to compile a CV and a cover letter that Estonian recruiters expect to see.
🔹May 27th at 13:30-15:00, Job Interview and Soft Skills. How to Nail a Job interview?
This webinar will guide you from self-analysis to preparing for a job interview, the dos and don’ts of a job interview.
👉Webinars are conducted by the EUIF Career Information specialists Inge-Helene Pello and Darja Sudelainen-Fedosov.
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❗PS! Webinars are targeted at people in Estonia who have no or little job search experience in Estonia and who need support and inspiration applying for a job. All times are on EE time.

Coping with Cultural Shock Webinar (02.06.21)

Start: 02.06.2021 16.00

Duration: 1 h 30 min

Online event

You moved to Estonia … and experienced a bigger cultural shock than you expected? People are unalike, weather is contrasting and even food tastes different! And on top of that we have to live through Covid-19 pandemic?! What now? Well, good thing is that we can learn from other’s experiences to get over this fairly quickly.😊
👉The International House of Estonia is glad to present a lively discussion on the ups and downs and do’s and don’ts of settling in.
💬Our speaker, Lucía Riet de Mahhov ( is a life coach, psychologist and an expat living in Estonia, who will share her experience of moving and adapting to a new country. Coming from a personal background, she will share a lot of pro-tips, from cultural differences to adaptation challenges, that could help you cope with your new life in Estonia.
❗This seminar is targeted at foreigners who have recently moved to Estonia. As much as we’d love to host this event at the International House and meet face-to face, due to the current coronavirus situation, this time it will be held as a webinar.
🙋‍♀️The number of participants is limited, please secure your spot by registering here
The webinar is free of charge