Estonian Company Guardtime Cooperating with Lockheed Martin in Cyber Security

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik
Lockheed Martin

Estonian IT company Guardtime and Lockheed Martin have created a platform to lower data manipulation risks fom inside and outside sources.

The companies are now testing an integrated solutionfor maintaining the integrity of data and avoiding manipulation. These are two of the most critical problems in the defense sector where the supply chains are elaborate and there are often limited possibilities to monitor the integrity of data.

„The cooperation with Lockheed Martin is again proof that technology created in Estonia and used for cyber defense can be a milestone for the world,“ vice president of Guardtime Martin Ruubel commented for news agency BNS.

Lockheed Martin is a defense industry company with 112,000 employees. It develops and produces hi-tec aviation, space and weapons systems. Guardtime is an Estonian technology company with 100 employees, using blockchain technologies to ensure the integrity of networks, data and systems.