Companies in Estonia Find Ethnic Diversity Profitable

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

There are more and more companies in Estonia hiring foreign specialists.  And it turns out that ethnic diversity can be economically profitable.

“We have a great Enterprise Estonia program called Work in Estonia that aims to introduce Estonia as an attractive place to work,” the Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner Liisa Pakosta told daily newspaper Postimees. “The more known the possibilities to work in Estonia are, the more foreign specialist want to come and work here.”

Merle Liisu Lindma from Skype Eesti said that Skype’s development center in Tallinn and Tartu employes people from more than 30 different nationalities who have been chosen by their values, knowledge and skills. There are of course more people from countries closer to us but there are some also employees from exotic countries like Iran, Guatemala, Japan, and Indonesia.

“Reasons why people come to work in Estonia are really different,” Lindma said. “Everyone has his or her own story. In the field of technology there is certainly a bigger number of so-called “digital nomads” who like to work in different countries and different cultures. Estonia is missing 10,000 people in the field of ICT and companies have understood that diversity is profitable.”

Skype has a special adaption program for all employees starting at the company. Those from other countries are provided help in moving and applying for a work permit. There are free Estonian lessons and excursions for the employees who are also provided with a special internal communications channel where people from other countries can share there experiences and give each-other advice.

“People come to us from other countries for the cool jobs,” Lindma said. “Those who come are very open-minded and ready to learn more about the local culture, to take into account the differences and to be open to the changes.”

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