Estonian ’agritech’ start-up Vital Fields chosen among 10 most noteworthy in Europe

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

European technology blog has chosen Estonian start-up Vital Fields among the 10 companies working on technologies within the agriculture space worth keeping an eye on.

Vital Fields, founded in 2011, offers software that allows farmers to better manage their fields by monitoring weather forecasts, tracking crop phases and estimating threat of plant diseases. The system monitors also analyse data from the farmer’s electronic “field book,” thus allowing to make predictions about the state of fields, helping users keep track of costs and growing crops more efficiently. The farmer is advised on matters such as when to plant and harvest, as well as pest management and use of chemicals.

According to, the United Nation’s prognosis of food demand doubling by 2050 has given an impulse to a rise of ’agritech’ – new technologies catering to the needs of the global agriculture industry. Such technologies are based on sophisticated mechanisms tracking a multitude of different parameters. According to the recent AgTech report, the agritech industry attracted over $2.36 billion in investments across 264 deals in 2014.