Estonia Ranks 20th in the World in Global Talent Competitiveness Rankings. What Makes Us Great?

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik


Out of the 118 countries in the Global Talent Competitiveness Rankings, Estonia scored 20th place in the world in 2017. Analyzing the report, Work in Estonia points out seven facts that make Estonia the place to work at for foreign specialists.

1. If you love to work hard and see your effort appreciated, Estonia is the place to find a job at! Estonia received a really high ranking (7th in the world) in the relationship of pay and productivity. This means that there is a strong relationship between how productive a worker is and how much he or she is paid.
2. If you are a professional in the fields where specialists are in need (such as ICT and technology), you should definitely apply for a job in Estonia! 5 per cent of companies surveyed said that the lack of workforce is a major constraint. That makes Estonia the 7th country in the world. On the other hand, prevalence of foreign ownership of companies means that companies are more and more eager to hire internationally!
3. If you are a woman looking for a place to study and fast-track your career, Estonia is the place to be! The country has the third-largest proportion of female university graduates in the world and is ahead of countries such as Switzerland and Sweden in opportunities for women to rise to positions of leadership.
4. If you plan to raise your kids in Estonia, you do not have to worry about the level of education the country has to offers. Scores close to the highest in the OECD in writing, reading, mathematics and science ensure a wide range of possibilities for your children.
5. Freedom in Estonia is true in many ways. Personal rights (such as political rights, freedom of speech, assembly and, movement) all received top 4 rankings in the world. Plus, a work & life balance leaves you with plenty of time to enjoy life!
6. Clean environment is something that is highly valued and that you will become used to when working in Estonia. Estonia scored 8th place in the world in environmental performance!
7. According to the rankings, Estonia’s capital Tallinn is a real ICT hub competing with the world’s top performers in ICT access. Globally, Tallinn was ranked among 25 top performers in the Global City Talent Competitiveness Index.

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