Enics Estonia: Estonia’s superb location, smart people, safe and stable business environment are the keys to the company’s success

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In 2020, Enics Estonia’s turnover amounted to 128.9 million euros. With a 40% growth in turnover and a pre-tax profit of 3.5 million euros in 2020, Enics places sixth on the Electronics Industry Top by business daily Äripäev.

“In Estonian terms, Enics Estonia is a very large industrial company, the largest in South Estonia,” Asso Uibo, Invest Estonia’s Director of Regional Business Development in South Estonia, highlights the importance of the electronics manufacturer.

Severin Israel, Production Department Manager at Enics Estonia’s Tartu factory, points out that even though the company has been part of the Swiss origin Enics Group since 2004, the company’s activities in Estonia date back to 1992, when it started manufacturing satellite and industrial equipment. “Over the years, we have grown into the largest employer in South Estonia, employing more than 900 people, and with their help we strive to develop devices that reduce environmental impact, increase the safety and security of people’s lives and improve overall living comfort.”

Enics Estonia has a broad field of operation. Industrial sectors in which the company operates include electrification, industrial automation equipment, robotics, lifts, and escalators.

Estonia is a favourable environment for innovation

Enics Estonia is renowned as a great optimiser of its operations, which for sure is one of the cornerstones of the company’s success. Israel is full of praise for Estonia’s well-educated and development-valuing environment. “As we value confidentiality extremely highly, we cannot disclose some of the success stories, but I can say that Estonia’s superb location for sophisticated industrial manufacturing and its stable and democratic governance have contributed a lot to our success,” Israel says.

Israel greatly appreciates Estonia’s ethical labour force, which supports, inter alia, innovation and the use of latest technology. “In Estonia, you can manufacture smartly and efficiently. Estonia has one of the world’s leading IT communities, the country is highly internetised and has well-developed e-government services, making it extremely simple to do business here,” Israel notes. “Additionally, the country provides fantastic access to Scandinavia and the rest of Europe by land, air and sea,” he adds.

Employees are an investment

According to Israel, Enics will continue to grow and focus on creating a smart industry. This includes investing in their employees. “The success of Enics is largely due to the people who work for us; they take care of our clients and drive the innovation that underpins our strong growth,” he notes. “We are known as a secure, stable and family-friendly employer who supports our people everywhere, only in this way we can contribute to the growth of Estonia, with future generations in mind,” Israel states.

He also believes that Estonia is a role model for other countries in regard to how to compensate for its small size by being smart. “Yes, it is true that Estonia does not have a work force of millions of people. But those who can be hired from here, are extremely well suited to our strategy to work smart, develop our technical capabilities, and prepare to take part in the world’s megatrends with intelligent solutions,” he says, pointing out that intelligence is way more important than mass.

Steadfast support from Invest Estonia

Israel is grateful to Invest Estonia, as they have provided Enics Estonia with the overall help for recruiting foreign specialists. “Invest Estonia is doing a fantastic job in building Estonia’s external image. They have successfully demonstrated how smart and innovative the environment here is, and how big, world-changing ideas are born in Estonia. Estonia has become a real brand on the world’s stage,” Israel says, adding that Estonia has been made attractive to foreign specialists by – among others – Work in Estonia and Invest Estonia.

Uibo assures that Invest Estonia fully supports the development of Enics in every way, from recruitment to fixed asset investment. “Invest Estonia has taken the message of Enics and other foreign companies to policy makers and is actively working on making recruitment more sensible,” Uibo says and mentions the Aliens Act, currently debated in Riigikogu, the parliament of Estonia, as an area in which Invest Estonia has made significant contributions in cooperation with investors.

Invest Estonia is actively contributing to helping industrial companies in automating and digitalising processes. “These processes are capital intensive, and companies such as Enics are looking for support opportunities from the public sector,” Uibo adds. “We can speak about two levers – direct grants and guarantees. We have asked Enics for input to design support measures in a way that maximises the benefits for companies.” Uibo also points out that state guarantees are a way to mitigate risks associated with investments.

If you find that your company needs brilliant talents, innovation and steadfast support of the state, we welcome you to Estonia! Read further on the opportunities in the Estonian electronics industry here and use our 1:1 e-Consulting.