Coming soon: Machine Learning Conference for Developers – North Star AI

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

Artificial intelligence experts from technology companies Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Google DeepMind, Nvidia, Taxify, Microsoft, Starship, Veriff, Monese and others will meet at North Star AI conference on March 7th in Tallinn to discuss how organisations and startups with limited resources can benefit from data and AI adoption.

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In 2017 a group of AI engineers gathered the leading technology companies in the world and Northern Europe to kick-start the road to the highest quality technical event in data science in the world. North Star AI shares knowledge and experiences from practitioner to practitioner. The focus is on real-world application of data science and machine learning. This will lower entry barriers to developer, engineers, CTO-s, data-driven startup founders and product managers. Startups have a chance to get their ideas off the ground faster which will lead to new applications of AI.

“With North Star AI we will strengthen AI ecosystems in Estonia and in the region,” says Triin Mahlakõiv, co-Founder of North Star AI.

North Star AI brings together best developers, CTOs, AI experts, data scientists, analysts and startup leaders with a focus on the technical aspects of machine learning and data science.

You’ll get a full stack overview of state of the art in machine learning and data science and meet the brightest of the field. You’ll get answers to:

* How to apply machine learning to your business problems?

* How to design better machine learning systems?

* How to achieve cost reduction or revenue increase with machine learning?

We believe that obtaining new ideas, technical best practices, meeting like-minded people helps to advance the state of machine learning and data science in your organization. The topics range from data engineering to meta-learning with applications in speech recognition, text processing, healthcare, transportation, deliveries, music, movies, etc.

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