Brand Estonia concept wins prestigious award for use of design

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

The concept of Brand Estonia, an approach of using unified tools to introduce Estonia has won the City Nation Place Award 2018 in the category for Best Use of Design.

According to the City Nation Place website, the main reason for Brand Estonia to be awarded was its “clear vision, beautifully expressed and strategically managed”.

“The strategies, campaigns, and programs of activity described in the entries demonstrate that more and more places are recognising not only the valuable relationship between quality of life, tourism, and economic development, but also that a collaborative, cohesive, strategic approach – frequently involving policy as well as communications, and engaging citizens and the private sector can deliver more effective and measurable impact,” City Nation Place wrote on its website about this year’s contestants.

Work in Estonia team is happy to be a heavy user of the Brand Estonia concept in its digital and analog materials, among others, this webpage.