About 30 Finnish IT Specialists Apply for Work at Tieto Estonia

Sander Nõmmik
Author Sander Nõmmik

Finnish information technology company Tieto Estonia AS at the beginning of October received around 30 applications from Finnish IT specialists who want to work in Estonia during a “Work in Estonia” event for recruiting top specialists.

“The Finnish recruiting event went very well for us. We got a lot of attention and about 30 applications to come and work in Tiesto’s Estonian enterprise,” personnel manager at Tiesto Estonia Laura Eelmaa told BNS.

“At present 20 Finns are working at our Estonian branch,” Eelmaa said and added that in the framework of the ‘Work in Estonia’ project the company would be able to hire eight people although it might employ new people if the company gets more customers.

According to Eelmaa the Finnish IT specialists will be paid the same salary than Estonian specialists.

Enterprise Estonia launched the ‘Work in Estonia’ program in April to help Estonian businesses find highly qualified foreign specialists for quickly growing sectors of the economy.

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