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safety first

Crime rates are low, people around you are relaxed and usually modest. Cyber safety is an especially hot topic and Estonians often like to speak about it on international arena. By the way, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence is located in Tallinn.

the living is easy

No other tech hub beats Tallinn when it comes to optimizing your monthly expenses. Rent in Tallinn is 3 times cheaper than in Amsterdam and 8 times more affordable than in San Fransisco. Our free public transport and healthcare leave you more disposable income to spend on fun things.

minds wide open

We are used to living side-by-side with people of different backgrounds. 32% of people living in Estonia are non-Estonians while Ukrainians are the second biggest minority. In addition to that, respecting differences in opinion, religion, race and sexual orientation are obvious to us.

so fresh & so clean

As a clear winner of the category, Estonians highly value both the environmental cleanliness and the possibilities of spending time in the nature. For one day each year much of the country unites to clean up our beaches and forests while bragging about it via 4G (soon to be 5G) internet on Facebook.

our future is bright

Estonians are the start-up nation of Europe. Our government is doing everything to make running businesses as easy and streamlined as possible. You can access all major government agencies via the world famous X-Road environment using your ID-card that makes integrated e-services available for everyone everywhere.

minor faults

The weather, for example – yearly average temperature ranges from +4,6 to +6,7 °C and sunlight from 4,5 to 5,3 hours per day. Summers are usually over +20°C but overall we agree, this entire meteorological ordeal leaves a lot of time for indoor activities. Also, some local people think smiling too much is a sign of insanity.