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Thank you to everyone who submitted stories!

We laughed, we cried, we kept hitting “refresh” for more. The contest has ended and we’re almost ready to reveal the final winners.

Because 2020 wanted to give us a small farewell gift in the shape of a scheduling mishap, we’ll be announcing the winners on January 11 instead of January 5. (Thanks, 2020—can we move on with our lives now?)

Good luck and stay tuned!

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The house on the river

No kidding, this house is practically on the river. The only way to get even closer to nature is to be an actual bear, but we don’t have that technology.

So we hope this will be close enough. Listen to the gentle rustling of the reeds, get a front row seat for the finest sunsets, and—of course—discover the soothing powers of a dip in the river.

The cottage in the woods

Just what the doctor ordered. This little private slice of heaven has both a pond and a river so you can maximise your therapeutic water-gazing time and take refreshing dips whenever you feel like it.

The tiny house

Drop yourself into a world of relaxing stillness that’s still just a 15-minute drive from the city. Exist in the sweet spot between two worlds and enjoy your compact little oasis of calm, with a forest right on your doorstep.

The medieval fairy tale

Step back in time and recharge in a city dwelling that will double as your fortress against the invading forces of anxiety. Grab a cup of mead and take in the legendary red rooftops of Tallinn, safe in the knowledge that even here in the middle of it all, you’re never more than 30 minutes away from a forest or lake for even more hardcore relaxation.

The cosy island beach house

Get away from everything that isn’t a sea view. Imagine you’re a viking (but no looting or pillaging, please) as you gaze out across the waves and let the bracing winds clear the worries from your mind.