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Skip 2020.
Step into the future.

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Tell 2020 where to stick it. Share your “only in 2020” story and win a free stay in the least stressful version of your future.

Skip 2020.
Step into the future.

Tell 2020 where to stick it. Share your “only in 2020” story and win a free stay in the least stressful version of your future.

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The winners

A million thanks to everyone who told their story to help banish the darkness of 2020.

People from 35 countries shared their only-in-2020 experiences, covering the whole spectrum of human emotion from heartbreaking to hilarious.

The votes are in, the jury has had its word, and these are the lucky five who will get a free stay in Estonia in 2021: 

  • Volodymyr (“Came to Bali for 2 weeks, stayed 5 months!”)
  • Moises (“Find the best available way to improve yourself”)
  • Borys (“3 Headshots”)
  • Egor (“Lost Job? Become a mentor!”)
  • Rostyslav (“My Mouse experience”)


The winners will be contacted by email with relentless cheerfulness and next steps.

To everyone else: Thanks for sharing, thanks for voting, and remember—you’re a winner just for making it to 2021.

Estonia Calling all IT pros

2020 piled more on our plate than we could handle without laughing to keep from crying. Whether your year was extremely challenging or just kind of a drag, we could all use a break. Get it off your chest. If you can work from anywhere and need a change of scenery, travel to Estonia to recover from 2020 the northern way: with a few laughs and a lot of fresh air. 

Because these have been…

(don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it)

unprecedented times

So tell 2020 where to stick it. Share your “only in 2020” story and win a free stay in the least stressful version of your future.

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Shake off 2020 in one of these stunning spots

Win a free stay and hit the reset button for your weary mind


Old Town




Check out current job openings in Estonia

Discover the latest tech jobs from leading ineternational companies operating in Estonia.

Frequently asked questions

And some that no one has ever asked but someone should

This is for you if you work somewhere in the ICT field and are looking for a relaxing and totally amazing place to do your work remotely. You should also be ready to take care of your own flights, food, and other essentials for your stay, because this campaign only includes free housing. And make sure you’re eligible to enter Estonia (see more below).

  • If you’re from the EU, you won’t need a visa and can pretty much just show up if you win.
  • If you’re from outside the EU, you should be eligible for the Estonian Digital Nomad Visa. That means:
    • You can work remotely from anywhere;
    • You either work for a company outside of Estonia, have your own company registered abroad, or freelance for clients (mostly) outside of Estonia;
    • Your monthly income in the past six months was above €3504 (gross).

A jury will decide the final winners, but everyone can upvote their favourite stories and influence the jury’s decision.

Anything that made you go, “This could only happen in 2020!” Get it all off your chest. 

Not yet. This is an offer to stay in Estonia for free and do your current work remotely from a beautiful, relaxing place. You know, digital nomad style. We’d love to have you here more permanently, and there are a lot of awesome companies hiring, so check out the vacancies and see what catches your eye!

The authors of the best stories will win free accommodation in one of five unique spots around Estonia. Each spot is quintessentially Estonian in its own way, offering the perfect northern backdrop for your 2020-detox. Flights and food are not included.

There are rumours (which we just started here) that polar bears roam freely in our front yards. This is false—they mainly stick to the backyards. Just kidding, we don’t even have polar bears. The wildlife here is just wild enough to be exciting and invigorating, but 99.99% of the time nothing will actively attempt to eat you. In the deep-deep wilderness, you might spot a brown bear or moose if you’re lucky, in which case you should google how not to get eaten be careful. Short answer: No polar bears, just lots of unicorns (the startup kind).

Of course. Have you ever met an unhappy Estonian? Unfair question, we never express our feelings, so how would you know?  But yes, there’s a mountain of evidence linking time in nature with improved mental health. Whether it’s just a forest or bog walk, cold water swimming, or simply sitting by a river and letting the world flow by, the benefits are real. Everyone is different, of course, and this isn’t medical advice—we’re a country, not a doctor! But if you want a change of scenery and some quality time in the world’s cleanest air, our money is on us. 

Both! That’s the beauty of it. We have the world’s highest rate of unicorn companies per capita, hardly any bureaucracy, smooth and efficient digital government services, and really solid internet coverage even in the wildest places. That’s why it’s so easy for us to work remotely from the countryside or post our mushroom and berry foraging Insta stories directly from one of our many stunning wetlands.

All the weather, all the time. Think all four seasons, plus an extra one in spring. Warm summers, cold winters, and everything in between. Practically endless summer days. Long, dark winter nights that must have been the reason the word “cosy” was invented.

You could! If we haven’t won you over with the fresh air, clean food, ease of living, zero bureaucracy, gorgeous nature, and world-class startup scene, we may never win you over. But if you want to experience something a bit more badass, give Estonia a try.

The duration of the stay will range from one to six months, depending on the specific accommodation:

    • Old Town: 1 month (1 July  – 31 July) 
    • Nasva: 3 months (1 March  – 31 May)
    • Võõbu: 6 months (1 April  – 31 October)
    • Viimsi: 2 months (1 April  – 31 May) 
    • Soela: 1 month (1 May – 31 May)
Make sure you read the terms and conditions for more details about the campaign—and good luck!

Get it off your chest

Share your 2020 story and travel into a less stressful future in Estonia.

Campaign Information

@work_in_estonia Instagram

The cosy island beach house

Get away from everything that isn’t a sea view. Imagine you’re a viking (but no looting or pillaging, please) as you gaze out across the waves and let the bracing winds clear the worries from your mind.

The medieval fairy tale

Step back in time and recharge in a city dwelling that will double as your fortress against the invading forces of anxiety. Grab a cup of mead and take in the legendary red rooftops of Tallinn, safe in the knowledge that even here in the middle of it all, you’re never more than 30 minutes away from a forest or lake for even more hardcore relaxation.

The tiny house

Drop yourself into a world of relaxing stillness that’s still just a 15-minute drive from the city. Exist in the sweet spot between two worlds and enjoy your compact little oasis of calm, with a forest right on your doorstep.

The cottage in the woods

Just what the doctor ordered. This little private slice of heaven has both a pond and a river so you can maximise your therapeutic water-gazing time and take refreshing dips whenever you feel like it.

The house on the river

No kidding, this house is practically on the river. The only way to get even closer to nature is to be an actual bear, but we don’t have that technology.

So we hope this will be close enough. Listen to the gentle rustling of the reeds, get a front row seat for the finest sunsets, and—of course—discover the soothing powers of a dip in the river.


Thank you to everyone who submitted stories!

We laughed, we cried, we kept hitting “refresh” for more. The contest has ended and we’re almost ready to reveal the final winners.

Because 2020 wanted to give us a small farewell gift in the shape of a scheduling mishap, we’ll be announcing the winners on January 11 instead of January 5. (Thanks, 2020—can we move on with our lives now?)

Good luck and stay tuned!

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