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Job search workshop for all
Foreigner Spouse

Start: 21.02.2019 10.00

Duration: 2 h 30 min

International House of Estonia

Öpiku house, Valukoja 8, C-wing, ground floor, Tallinn

We are glad to welcome you to our job search workshop, organised in cooperation with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.


Topics we will cover:

* labour market: What is the current situation in Estonia? Which are the trends and which influences to the future of labour market?


* self analysis: What are your skills and characteristics? Which values are important for you? What motivates you?


* job search opportunities: Where to look? Job portals, social network, where else?


* job interview: How to prepare? What are the most common questions?


Participation is free. No pre-registration is required, but if you click “attend” on our FB page, you help us putting together the workshop. 🙂