Consultation session

Entering foreign vital statistics documents in the Estonian population register. The service includes consultation and/or entry of documents. (30 min)  

The Estonian Population Register is a database that includes the personal data of citizens of Estonia, citizens of the European Union that have registered their place of residence in Estonia and foreigners who have been issued an Estonian residence permit. Estonian state agencies use the data entered in the population register.


Upon starting to work and/or live in Estonia one must first apply for an identification code, which is personal and is entered in the population register. When arriving to Estonia with family you can also apply for identification codes for your family members (minor children).

In order for your family members to be connected to you in the population register you must also submit a marriage certificate if you are married and the birth certificate(s) of your child/children if you have any.


PLEASE NOTE! When entering documents into the Estonian population register you must comply with the requirements that have been set for documents concerning vital statistics from foreign countries.