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International House of Estonia

Street: Valukoja 8, C wing, ground floor

Ülemiste City, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 627 9701

Fb: InternationalHouseofEstonia

Opening hours

Tuesday9.00 - 17.30
Wednesday9.00 - 17.30
Thursday10.00 -18.30
Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
9.00 - 17.30
9.00 - 17.30
10.00 - 18.30

How to get there

Viru Keskus is 4.2 km from Ülemiste City. Here are most reasonable ways for you to get there:

Viru Keskus - city centre

Take a tramm

Tram line no. 4 from stop Hobujaama (direction to Ülemiste) -> Stop Ülemiste linnak -> walk about 4 min (350 m). Duration about 25 min.

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Take a bus

Bus line no. 15 from stop Viru Keskus 2 (direction to Sõjamäe) -> Stop Lõõtsa -> walk about 1 min (100 m). Duration about 25 min.

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Or bus line no. 2 from stop A. Laikmaa (direction to Mõigu) -> Stop Lennujaam -> walk about 6 min (550 m).

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Take a taxi

Taxis can be found lined-up at taxi stands (in front of larger hotels and at some key intersections) and can be ordered on the phone or via various mobile apps (see below). Prices vary.

Selective list of well-established taxi firms

Krooni Takso     1212

Reval Takso     1207

Takso24     1224

Tallink Takso     1921

Tulika Takso     1200

Selective list of driver-requesting & taxi-ordering mobile apps

Taxofon     (Tallink & Tulika taxis)

Taxify     (verified private drivers & taxis)

Uber     (verified private drivers)

Viru Keskus - city centre
Tallinn trams
Tallinn buses