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Migration consultation for employers through Skype  (30 min)  

This consultation provided by the migration advisers from the Police and Border Guard Board will help you understand what documents are required for your (future) foreign employee and what administrative steps you have to take as an employer. This covers:


  • • Types of visa
  • • Residence permits
  • • Short-term employment
Residence permit consultation through Skype  (30 min)  

Among the documents that citizens of non-EU countries need to get first is a residence permit. Migration advisers from the Police and Border Guard Board offer counselling for the process of obtaining it, as well as extending, but please note that the actual application process has to be done directly at one of the Police and Border Guard Board offices.

Personal ID code office appointment  (30 min)  

Personal ID code is one of the first things you need when settling in Estonia, regardless of your country of origin. The documents you need to bring along are a valid ID card/passport for the EU citizens; and a residence permit together with a valid passport for the non-EU citizens. This service is provided by the City of Tallinn.

Register your address in Tallinn (residence registration) office appointment  (30 min)  

During this consultation by the City of Tallinn we will register your address in Tallinn. Every person residing In Estonia has to register their address of residence – EU citizen have to do it within 3 months after arriving in Estonia. Citizens of other nationalities have to register their address after receiving their temporary residence permit. In order to register the address of residence, following documents are necessary:


  • • valid passport
    • Estonian ID code
    • rental contract in your name with the rental property owner’s signed approval


As we are currently only able to register Tallinn addresses, in case if you are living outside the city borders of Tallinn, please contact your local municipality.

Personal ID code and address registration (2 in 1) office appointment  (45 min)  

During this appointment by the City of Tallinn we will issue your personal ID code and register your address in Tallinn during the same session.

Career counselling office appointment  (45 min)  

Career counselling, provided by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, helps you plan your career, once you have already relocated to Estonia. Counselling comprises topics related to studies, work and choosing a specialisation.


We’ll help you gain knowledge about the Estonian labour market and provide you with tips on being more successful in your hunt for a job. We can review your CV and motivation letter or advise you on how to write these important documents.

Business counselling office appointment  (45 min)  

City of Tallinn (Enterprise department) provides you with essential information regarding business environment in Estonia. We can help you with:


  • • preparation of business plans and financial projections
  • • questions related to employment law
  • • information about starting or relocating your company to Estonia
  • • state business grants (startup grants provided by Enterprise Estonia and Estonian Unemployment Fund)


If your questions are related to e-Residency or Startup visa, please contact them directly.

Settle in consultation office appointment  (45 min)  

During this consultation, provided by the Integration Foundation, you can get essential information regarding:


• language learning possibilities

• topics related to your adaptation in Estonia.



Employee adaptation & language consultation office appointment  (30 min)  

This consultation provided by the Integration Foundation will guide you through the adaptation process of your (future) foreign employee to Estonia. Topics which could be covered:

  • • Integration
  • • Language courses